Tips for creating the perfect vinyl banner

banner on the front of a business - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCIf you want to find out how Bull City Signs in Durham, NC. can print the perfect vinyl banner for you there are a few “vinyl banner basics” that you should know.

When Bull City Signs is asked to create a vinyl banner; selecting the right thickness and material is key. To ensure that you always get the right product for your vinyl banner needs, Bull City Signs traditionally ask a few questions to ensure that you get the product that suits your needs.

Questions like:

  •     What will the vinyl banner be used for?
  •     How long does the vinyl banner need to last?
  •     Is this banner for indoor or outdoor use?
  •     Are you providing graphics?

 These are just a few questions that will help us provide you with the perfect product for the best price.

Choosing the right vinyl banner thickness

 The thickness of a vinyl banner is determined by weight per square foot. Therefore, the thicker the vinyl banner the greater the weight. Understanding the use for your vinyl banners is extremely important. It will help us recommend thickness and coating options that will make sure the vinyl banner serves your needs.

 For example: A one-time use vinyl banner for a convention hall event or a birthday party, an 8 oz. uncoated vinyl banner would be a low-cost option. Vs. an outdoor vinyl banner that will need to last for over five years, we would recommend a 13 to 15 oz. vinyl banner with UV protective coating to ensure the colors remain vibrant.

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labeled for reuse by Google, downloaded on 5-1-17Graphics used for vinyl banner creation

 One of the complaints often seen by these “make it yourself” vinyl banner services is that the graphics you sent looked great on your pc, however when you received your vinyl banner it turned out pixelated and blurry. It’s important to remember when you are planning to have an image reproduced on a large vinyl banner that images do not scale up.. only down. So, if you send a scanned wallet sized image to put on your 8ft wide vinyl banner, it’s going to look blurry and pixelated.  Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. and surrounding areas will always review with you the quality of your artwork prior to printing. Unlike these “do-it-yourself” services, working with a professional in looking over your art will help ensure that you always get what you pay for.

Vinyl composite – beware

The practice that we have observed at Bull City Signs in Durham, NC. is that many of these online vinyl banner printing services are utilizing a vinyl composite material that contains a biodegradable element similar to paper. While being advertised as being a 13 to 15 oz. vinyl banner this composite vinyl will practically begin to deteriorate after just a few months. The end result is a vinyl banner that is brittle and’s develops a chalky texture.

When Experience Counts

Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. and surrounding areas has earned a reputation for high quality graphics utilizing the best materials. This is simply a better way of doing business and leads to return customers with the knowledge that they’re getting the best price for the best products.

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