Seeing the Larger Picture in Your Advertising Materials

Your signs are a big part of the whole picture - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCOne of the benefits of choosing a professional Sign and Graphics Company in Durham, NC. is keeping focus on the larger picture. This means that, while we can, create individual products that are stunning and attention grabbing such as signs, banners, business cards, and more; it is better to step back and consider these products as extensions of a similar theme rather than individual products. To put it simply your business cards ought to have a similar look to your banners, flyers and so on. To help keep this big picture mindset, let’s take a look at a few things to consider.

Budget minded solutions

Not every small business has a budget that enables them to create all of the branded products that they need in a single lump. For many small business owners, multiple products are necessary to brand the business in Durham, NC. but they simply cannot afford to get everything at the same time. For those small businesses that are attempting to determine which sign and graphics products to use first, we recommend looking beyond the individual product and more toward a branded appearance over a set period of time.

In this mindset we recommend begining with a large appearance and narrowing the focus down to an individual instead of starting with an individual and growing it to a larger appearance. For example: a small pizza business should begin with the sign out front, followed by window graphics, then the front end counter graphics, ending up with and down to business cards. This process allows, over a period of time, you to reach a larger group of people; then narrowing the focus with additional products as the budget permits.

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Your outdoor sign is often the first impression your client will have - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCKeep messages simple, branded and on point

Among the advertising techniques utilized when developing a message to present a small business to the public is known as K.I.S.S. – which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

This simple acronym brings into perspective that you don’t need to share your entire life story on every sign or banner that you produce. (See previous articles on branding techniques) at Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. and surrounding areas, our recommendation is that you keep messages and slogans simple and catchy. Sarcasm can sometimes, actually, pay off big; however, use caution not to offend. Keep your messages branded having all materials match a similar theme from the Street Sign down to the business card.

Finally keep on point! It is possible to talk yourself out of the sale by emphasizing information that is not relevant to the purchase.

When Experience Counts

Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. and surrounding areas can help with finding budget minded solutions for your small business. By assisting you with our full-service capabilities which are as expansive as billboards right down to the most specific details present in a business card; we can provide you with cost-saving solutions to get your message out.

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