Thinking about rebranding your Durham area business?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to rebrand your business. This might be because the current brand was established without planning out the consequences, the current brand has an outdated look, change in management or ownership or you just got bored with the current brand. Regardless of the circumstances rebranding should be handled carefully as to not … Read more

Using coupons, offers and specials properly

One of the challenges that Durham, NC area businesses face is converting a shopper into a sale. When you further explore the fact that there is so much competition for the same product or service, getting that shopper to commit to the sale becomes an even greater challenge. One of the more proven concepts for … Read more

How can you say thank you to those who are gone?

On Memorial Day we are challenged to pause, remember and say thanks to those fallen military who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today in this great country. Amid ceremonies, gatherings, picnics and sales we might get lost in the “holiday” rather than it’s meaning. As a veteran, … Read more

Reasons we are thankful in 2018

During this holiday season it is important to be reminded about the many things that Bull City Signs serving Durham. NC; has to be thankful for. Even as the end of the year continues to approach, we find ourselves echoing our thankfulness as we look back across 2018. Bull City Signs would like to express … Read more

Sticking out from the Competition in Durham NC

One of the challenges that businesses face in the Durham NC area is keeping the branding of the business continually fresh in people’s minds. When it comes to brand recognition or name branding, custom stickers are a great way to help a business towards becoming a household name. You only need to look at Nascar … Read more

Your Reputation and Your Review Resources – Part 2

In the previous article we looked at how different review services can both help and hurt your Durham, NC area business. With today’s ever-changing internet marketplace, everyone has the opportunity to let others know about their business experiences. As a business owner in the Durham, NC. area, accepting this reality can benefit your business, helping … Read more

Targeting Tourism in the Durham NC area

Tourism is an important part of the financial infrastructure for the Durham NC area. For many businesses, tourism is a major portion of the annual revenue that the business would bring in; not to mention the wholesalers that provide products to these businesses. Because we all work together to keep Durham NC a thriving economy, … Read more