Location: A Key Decision

Picture of a firestone building - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCOne of the key decisions for a company to make is selecting the proper location for their business within Durham, NC. Naturally the type of business will help with the decision-making process, but here are a few areas to consider:

The type of business in Durham, NC.

Commercial (non-retail)

If you have a non-retail business in Durham, NC. which is primarily the manufacturing of products, having no need for customer access, then an industrial Park would be a great fit. Most industrial parks are designed in a cookie-cutter way but it saves from having to build from scratch. The majority of these industrial Park buildings offer a range of sizes depending on your need with both an office and garage door access for larger commercial vehicles. Depending on the layout, parking is done either at your facility or in a central location with a tram.

Working from Home in Durham, NC.

Many small product manufacturers today prefer to work out of a shop behind their home in Durham, NC. to save on overhead; however, even though this might have some advantages, there are some disadvantages you should consider. Having your home in a constant state of business can often damage family relationships as makes it more challenging for you to break away and utilize your home as a place for rest. By that same token having your family life so closely bound to the business also means that the business can be continually interrupted by things at home. Having your home and business separated by distance enables you to also separate the two so that you can give 100% on each.

Retail Access

With the amount of available options for a retail business in Durham, NC., location must be carefully chosen in order to get the best return on your investment. While a budget is undoubtedly something to be considered it should not end up being the primary factor for your retail business.

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Picture of a business - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCDefinitions:

Foot traffic – Foot traffic is a term for those retail businesses that see most of their customers come in from walking. Examples would be: a mall shop, indoor booth and outdoor strip mall with a rear floor plan coverage.

Drive traffic – drive track is a term for those retail businesses that get the the majority of their business from a direct access to the roadway. This would be a strip mall, standalone building or mall shop with an external entrance that can be seen from the road.

Careful analysis and consideration ought to be given to the location of your retail business in Durham, NC. as both foot traffic and drive traffic have their own advantages. While strip malls have the appeal of lower rent and plenty of drive traffic, if the strip mall is located on a commuter path, the business is less likely to be noticed because commuters are seldom thinking about what’s around them when driving to and from work. Some businesses located on a commuter path have to spend a good portion of their advertising budget on road signs and flags in order to catch the attention of those commuters. If the strip mall is positioned on a road exclusive to shopping, it cuts down on the need for exposure; as your business is more likely to be seen by those shoppers searching for places to shop. Naturally the rent for these types of strip mall spaces traditionally run 30% higher.

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