Targeting Tourism in the Durham NC area

Tourism is an important part of the financial infrastructure for the Durham NC area. For many businesses, tourism is a major portion of the annual revenue that the business would bring in; not to mention the wholesalers that provide products to these businesses.

Because we all work together to keep Durham NC a thriving economy, it is important to look at a few things about targeting tourism with your signs and marketing materials.

Understanding Our Role in the Community

Even if your business is not directly influenced by tourists visiting your office, you probably do business with those companies that are. Tourism in the Durham NC area can be a big deal being that our location places us in route to many popular attractions such as: Duke Basketball Museum & Sports Hall of Fame, Duke University, Falls Lake and more.

Being mindful in the areas such as hospitality, appearance can help all businesses in our community by presenting a welcoming presentation of the goodwill our area has become known for.

Signs for Your Business

Keeping your signs attractive will help keep the overall appearance of the Durham NC area inviting for those who pass through. However, signs that are “out of place” may detract from the appeal of the area.

Sign guidelines and ordinances for businesses in historic districts may be different than those in other areas in Durham; be sure to comply with the city to keep your signage vibrant and attractive, but keep within the scheme of the plaza or area your business is situated in.

Also keep your signs well maintained. Signs with bulbs out, are dirty or in dis-repair give all businesses in the area a bad impression; this can affect the choices that tourists make when choosing where to stay, eat and spend their tourism dollars.

Shed Some Light On It

If you have ever needed an additional reason to add illumination to your signage, tourism is a good one. Making your business more noticeable to those not familiar to this area is a great way to add to the appeal and charm of the Durham area. You might even add an arrow to help them find your business if it sits off the road away from your sign.

When Local Experience Counts

When it comes to experience, trust the professionals at Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC area. The proof is in the product with our many satisfied customers, happy to show off our workmanship. From the first phone call, you will know that you contacted a professional sign and graphics company; asking all the right questions to provide you with the advertising print product that will help brand your business in the Durham, NC area. Be sure to trust the experts when choosing the right company for your sign needs.