Dealing with Zoning Regulations in Durham NC

electric sign - Electric and Neon Signs in Durham NCHaving a sign, banner or yard sign created to help get the message out about your business in the Durham, NC area is a great idea. However, before you spend the money to have a signs, banners and yard signs professionally created by Bull City Signs; you should determine if there are any city ordinances or restrictions placed by the landlord or property management company.

It puts a bad taste in your mouth to spend good money on a great product only to be fined or told to permanently remove your advertising product.

In this article we will look at a few things to remember when considering having a sign, banner or yard sign created for your business in the Durham, NC area.

Permanently Mounted Signs

When purchasing outside signage for your Durham, NC business, be sure call to your local city planning and zoning representative first (who will probably point you over to the website). For the Durham, NC area there are 20 pages of signage rules (plus revisions and updates) that you will need to understand before having a sign created and installed.


For many permanently mounted signs you will need to purchase permits that will need licensed contractors and inspectors to sign off on the build to stay within the law. Make sure you budget for these as part of your signage costs.

NOTE: Bull City Signs does its best to stay up with the signage guidelines for the Durham, NC area; however, we’re not lawyers. Ultimately your business is going to be held responsible for the end result of fines and demands of the zoning authority, so a little homework can go a long way toward saving money.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs such as banners, flags, sandwich boards and yard signs seem to have as many regulations as permanent signs, if not more. It can even get more specific as to where within the Durham, NC area those temporary signs are displayed and when. Some area do not allow yard signs, flag placement and banners in certain areas leading zoning to remove and destroy those expensive products… so make sure you are aware of the specifics.

The Landlord

One often overlooked item when installing signs and placement of banners, flags, sandwich boards and yard signs is the input and agreement you have with the Landlord. Make sure you check your agreement as to any restrictions they may have about permanent and temporary signage and placement in Durham, NC. We have even seen agreements where wrapped, advertisement vehicles were not allowed on the property overnight… so make sure you consult with your landlord or property management company where applicable.

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Additional Considerations

Permanant sign - Electric and Neon Signs in Durham NCSome additional considerations you should look into when choosing permanent and/or temporary signs in the Durham, NC area are:

  • Electrical Needs – Is your sign going to be illuminated or have a spotlight on it? If so you will need to make sure there is an accessible power source as well if additional permits will be needed.

  • Blueprints – Most zoning agencies require blueprints to be submitted with the full layouts and needs for the process. Be advised that this governmental regulation can add thousands to a sign project.

  • Aesthetics – Make sure that the signage for your business matches the theme of the area. If the plaza and surroundings are made of brick or have colonial styling (for example) try to keep your sign along those same values.

Has zoning cited or sent an order of removal?

If you are dealing with a zoning agency that has cited or refused to allow you to install a permanent or temporary sign; it may not be the end of it. Many zoning policies have a process to dispute their refusal or will provide an exception with proper documentation and cause. Because most zoning officials in Durham, NC are business owners themselves… often you can request a hearing to provide the information. Larger cities; however, that are strapped in bureaucracy … may take awhile.

When Local Experience Counts

When it comes to experience, trust the professionals at Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC area. The proof is in the product with our many satisfied customers, happy to show off our workmanship. From the first phone call, you will know that you contacted a professional sign and graphics company; asking all the right questions to provide you with the advertising print product that will help brand your business in the Durham, NC area. Be sure to trust the experts when choosing the right company for your sign needs.