Why Should I Consider Window Graphics?

Picture of a Single color window graphic - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCOne of the challenges that business owners in Durham, NC. face is trying to find creative methods to make potential customers aware of where they are and what they do. There are a variety of different options for getting the message out such as websites, newspaper ads, flyers, commercials and more; but you probably already have quite a bit of unused real estate that is right in front of you.

Window graphics are a great way for you to get out some of the most important information about your business and/or put attention grabbing graphics; on the very front of your business using the existing window space that you have. Whether your business is in a strip mall or is a standalone establishment, the chances are, much of your building is covered in windows that can be utilized as billboard space help you get your message out.

There Are Many Window Graphic Options Available

Depending on the size and location where you are looking to have your window graphics applied, there are many different choices that can be customized based upon your budget and your needs. Single color die cut window graphic stickers are great if you are looking to apply traditional, single color labeling for words and simple logos onto the Windows. Full color die cut window convey the same message as single color but with a little more flair, especially if you have tended windows that provide you with flexibility for more color options. full color, full coverage window graphics allow you to use every square inch of your windows just like you would wrap a car this allows for expressive graphics that stand out and can really get your customers attention.

In order to better understand the advantages for each let’s explore some of the details about these three different types of products.

First, we have: single color die cut window graphics

Using single color die cut window graphics, traditionally printed in white, is a great and affordable way to help you display important information on the front of your business. This type of window lettering is best suited for text and simple shapes. Because it is made from a high grade, weather resistant, vinyl and designed for the front of your business in Durham, NC. this type of lettering can easily last five years or more.

If your businesses has an overhang where the die cut window graphics are not in direct sunlight, the vinyl used by Bull City Signs can last even longer. There is no fancy process for caring for the windows that have been treated with die cut window graphics, all that is necessary is a wash with a soapy solution just as you would treat the glass. We can do reverse die cut window graphics as well, putting the graphics on the inside of the window. Although applying die cut window graphics is a little bit more labor it does traditionally work out to be less expensive than full coverage window graphics.

Second, we offer: Full color die cut window graphics

Similar in nature to the single-color lettering, full color die cut window graphics can be created to give your window application that extra pizzazz. Whether you use a combination of colors or a full color print we can die cut shapes to provide a greater variety of options. This type of graphics is best suited for multi-colored logos, lettering or a graphic that would have a printed pattern or bursts of colors that would draw more attention. Because color tends to fade all our full color die cut window graphics are treated with a UV coating to help increase the life of the graphics.

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Image of a full window wrap - Signs and Banners in Durham, NCLast but certainly not least: Full color, full coverage window graphics

Full color, full coverage window graphics are rapidly growing in popularity in the Durham, NC. area. Utilizing full color, full coverage window graphics opens up a whole new world of possibilities for colors and design choices to really make the front of your business stand out.

There are multiple types of vinyl that are used for our full color, full coverage window graphics vinyl, depending on the application, however all of our full color, full coverage window graphics are treated with UV coating for the protection of the vinyl as well as reduction of color fading. In addition, you can also choose to have full color, full coverage window graphics that are translucent, like a tent, as well as a popular textured full color, that allows it to be easily seen through from the inside.

Utilizing full color, full coverage window graphics for 100% coverage of your windows, or sections of Windows, allows for full expression of your message, slogans, pictures and information while still being easily read at a distance; and the use of attention grabbing colors can greatly help set your business apart from your competitors.

We are here when you need us

Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC. and the surrounding areas is ready to put our experience to work for your business. For years we have provided high-end graphics and signs that are not only attractive, but will grab the attention of your potential customers as well. To back that up, we provide a wide range of services from Electric Signs to window treatments to help get your message out even more.

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