Using coupons, offers and specials properly

One of the challenges that Durham, NC area businesses face is converting a shopper into a sale. When you further explore the fact that there is so much competition for the same product or service, getting that shopper to commit to the sale becomes an even greater challenge. One of the more proven concepts for conversion is the call to action. Over the next few articles we will explore what the call to action is and how to best utilize it for your Riverside, area business.

What is a call to action?

TagsA call to action is, simply put, is an offer to motivate a potential customer in the Durham, NC area to do business with you now rather than later. A call to action could be a special, coupon or offer that would motivate or call the shopper into action. In order for a call to action to be successful it must:

  • Have an expiration
  • Be competitive
  • Have a perceived value

If your call to action has each of these in place it helps to motivate the customer to do business with you. If you have done your homework then the more the shopper researches, the better your call to action will look!

To get a better understanding of these three main criteria, let’s look at them individually.

Have an Expiration

In order for an offer to be a true call to action it must have an expiration date. Remember the purpose of the call to action is to get your Durham, NC area customer to do business with you sooner rather than later, so if your offer has no expiration, then there’s no reason to move forward at this time. The shorter the duration, the better. Anything more than 30 days is simply not a call to action.

If you are utilizing print media and want to get the most out of your flyers and banners without having to place extraordinarily long expiration dates, use a “limited time offer” instead. Using a limited time offer statement allows you to set the expiration of the offer without needing to notify the Durham, NC area customer. Good business practice should illustrate that the short-term expiration of a limited time offer is at least posted on your website, a medium that’s easy to change the expiration.

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Note: With shoppers constantly on the lookout for good offers it can significantly diminish the value of your coupon if you continue to change expiration on the same offer. You should consider rotating offers with at least three months in between the use of the same offer.

SaleA perfect example is Alexa devices on Amazon. Because Amazon runs offers almost consistently on these products it is more difficult to purchase the product at full price than it is at a discount. Customers have become accustomed to just patiently waiting for the next sale before purchase. This is because they know that the same discount will show up again a couple weeks, so there is no rush to purchase it right away.

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