The Importance of Name Branding: Part 2 – The Slogan

CrossFit Durham - Electric Signs in Durham, NCAs we continue to discuss the proper branding of your business we should have in mind that branding is an art, crafted from multiple factors such as visual recognition, sight/sign association and how easy it is to remember. In the previous article we focused on some best practices for logo creation; this article addresses the proper use of slogans.

Slogans can be a great way to brand your image because a properly written slogan can further define, not only the service/ product that you provide, but the projected attitude as well. Attitude you say? Oh yes.

Give your slogan a little attitude!

The branded presentation of your company in the Durham, NC. area shouldn’t just say what you do but also the type of customer that you want to attract. For example, when creating a logo and slogan for doctor’s office you wouldn’t expect to use cartoon icons with a corny slogan that says “you sick, call Rick”… But rather you’d expect to see a refined, dignified logo with the traditional use of fonts combined with a slogan that focuses on their area of expertise.

By that same token a party store might want to use bright colors and images that reflects a party environment with a slogan like “bounce in for a visit”. The attitude of the slogan and logo can help attract the type of customer that you would like to do business with; just as much as informing them the types of service you provide. At Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. we have often advise customers to think about these factors when creating a logo, slogans and graphics.

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Creating Slogans isn’t an exact science

futures group sign - Electric Signs in Durham, NCGood slogans indeed can, and will, progress over the years. In any cases, changing a slogan can help change the path of the company and the consumer response without needing to rebrand your logo. Consider fast food restaurants over the last 50 years and all the slogans they have used to express different products, all without changing their logo. A well thought out series of slogans can do the same thing for your company. In the event that the slogan isn’t received well, don’t worry, just try another one.

Already thinking of a catchy slogan?

Certainly, there are some right ways and wrong ways to creating a good slogan. Avoid using sayings that would date your business, such as referring to events that happen over 30 years ago. Stay away from anything that could be concluded as offensive, by the demeaning one person or group to sell another person or group something.

Once again, attitude and individuality can play well into the slogan that you choose; example: a car dealership that uses an edgy slogan like: “We pull our tops down for our customers”… The meaning, of course, that they put the convertible tops down… might be misperceived, creating a poor impression.

Now consider a more traditional example; a law firm might have a simple slogan such as: “We are the people’s lawyer” … Playing off of the Bill of Rights.

Sign and Marketing Experience that Matters

Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. is ready to put our years of experience to work for you. We have consistently provided industry relevant graphic design, signs and other advertising materials that are not only attractive; but will help get the attention of your customers as well. We have a full line of sign possibilities to meet all of your needs. Need neon signs? We do that!

Be sure to keep checking back for more articles from Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. dealing with the importance of name branding. Next will be discussing the use of colors for multiple applications.

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