The Importance of Name Branding: Part 1 – The Logo

Evoapp sign - Electric Signs in Durham, NCThe Dictionary’s meaning of branding is: A mark that’s burned in to the skin of the animal (like a cow) to identify the owner. From the marketing perspective within the Durham, NC. area this is just what you need to accomplish; your company name or logo to stick out and become easily noticed and remembered by your customer (or as the definition says… “Burned” in to the thoughts of the customer so they will remember you.) Here are a few helpful tips when thinking about branding your company within the Durham, NC. area.

Have a Professional Logo Designed!

At Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC. and the surrounding areas, we discovered that many small business owners begin with a logo using out-of-the-box software or had a friend put a few fonts together, while this technically creates a logo; it can actually hinder your success. The marketing & advertising specialists at Bull City Signs have specialized within the advertising field; we’ve seen what works best when “branding” your logo or name to the Durham, NC. area.

To possess a successful, branded logo… follow these basic ideals:

  • Easy-to-read – It is very important that your Durham, NC. customer can see your logo, at a glance being able determine what the logo represents or says.
  • Make it Unique – The lettering and/or graphics need to be unique, not only for legal purposes but for your company in the Durham, NC. area to look like you cared enough to produce something special. A logo says many things about a business and in many cases the only time they see a representation of your business is when they see your logo.
  • Versatile – Complicated colors and shading look wonderful on websites… but don’t embroider well. You will want a logo which is adaptable enough that switching the colors (due to different background colors and textures from ads, materials and uses) will not diminish the branded look.
  • Identify – If possible, your logo should represent the things you do or the things you sell. For example, putting a picture of a cat in the logo… when you’re a carpet cleaner… While a cat is nice… unless you are “Kitty Carpet Cleaners”… it doesn’t make sense. Your logo will be easily remembered if it is a great representation of your company… rather than clipart that just “looks nice”.

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When Experience Matters

Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC. and the surrounding areas is ready to put our experience to work for your business. For years we have provided high-end graphics and signs that are not only attractive, but will grab the attention of your potential customers as well. To back that up, we provide a wide range of services from Electric Signs to window treatments to help get your message out even more.

Check out ongoing articles from Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. dealing with the importance of proper branding. In our upcoming articles, we will be discussing using slogans and use of colors for different applications.

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