Cost-effective options rather than a full vehicle wrap.

When making a decision on whether to have your vehicle professionally wrapped or just lettered with the name of your company, there are a few things to consider. This article will reflect more on what is available in Durham, NC for budget minded customers that are looking for a great way to get their message out on their company, corporate or fleet vehicles… while still being easy on the wallet.

Technology Has Come A Long Way

Just five years ago your choices for getting information and graphics onto your vehicle were: single colored letters or vehicle wrap. This is because full colored printing machines were very expensive to own and maintain, so only a handful of large graphic design and sign companies made the investment to have them.

Most sign companies offered single colored stickers that could be cut into shapes and lettering. These could then be layered to replicate simple logos. By offsetting the color of the vehicle and using primary colors, you could do a pretty decent job of creating a good looking product.

This could be, however, very labor-intensive for larger, more colorful jobs; the set-up time for each color could raise the price to be equal to having another company just do a full vehicle wrap.

While professional sign companies, such Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC, still has the ability to do single color, diecut letters and shapes; technology has made the same machines, once used by only a few, more cost-effective. This now allows Bull City Signs to offer a greater variety of affordable graphics; measured more in coverage than in labor costs.

Single Colored Lettering

It is still a common practice today, for some applications, to just use single colored lettering and shapes for their vehicles. Graphics such as window treatments, phone numbers, license numbers and company names; may be all that the customer needs rather than a partial or full vehicle wrap. Done correctly single color lettering and shapes can still make your vehicle stand out; while still being easy on the budget.


Most vinyl quotes in this industry are done by square footage. When visiting with the experts at Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC, they will take measurements for what you need done, calculate that into a cost per square foot and price it out accordingly. Providing the need, this method allows for pricing only what you need… rather than what you don’t.

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Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps are the middle ground between single colored lettering and a full vehicle wrap. Again measured by coverage, this method allows you to have a larger impact; even combining a large full color graphic with single color lettering to really give a great impact that saves on the budget.

When cleverly applied in conjunction with the vehicle color it can provide an impression of a full vehicle wrap without the cost! A partial vehicle wrap is a great option for those companies that have a more complicated logo requiring a full color print; but doesn’t want to incorporate that into a full vehicle wrap.

By using a large logo and adding phone numbers, website an additional contact information in single color lettering; it can help give you a look for your company, corporate or fleet vehicle that’ll stand out… while saving on the budget.

Trust Your Local Experts

Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC, has made the investment to have available the equipment and skill to provide our customers with the best quality of materials and craftsmanship. Starting with our graphic design department; we will work with you to provide you with a graphics impression of what your project will look like. Then, utilizing the best quality materials for the application, we will go to work transforming your company, corporate or fleet vehicle into that attention grabbing, billboard on wheels you are looking for.

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