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Prints Ads vs. Vehicle Wraps

When dealing with advertising there are many different things that you can do to get your message out in the Durham, NC market. Each has their positives, but it truly comes down to which gives you the best Return on Investment. (ROI).

If you can afford to use multiple mediums, that is ALWAYS best. We never advise customers to focus all their marketing budget on just one thing; that just bad advice no matter what the salesman says.

One of the areas we get ask about a lot is the price comparison between using a vehicle wrap or graphics pack VS. print advertising. Below is some info to consider when considering these 2 mediums, their prices and ROI.

Magazine and Print Ads in Durham, NC

Unless you are advertising in a high school pamphlet you’ll quickly find that the cost of a magazine or print ad for a local circulation in Durham, NC; will blow you away. With the average annual cost at $2,500 - $3,800; this type of advertising can cut into the budget with some restrictive results due to the circulation.

The perk of these ads are the common nature and loyalty; print ads are still quite popular for coupon clippers and those who use the magazine or newspaper as an informational resource.

However, when looking at the effectiveness; a magazine or print ad must be circulated, delivered or distributed to the customer – or – the customer will need to pick it up. (Newspaper or circular) Additionally, your ad will be amongst others in the medium making it more difficult to be found. Couple that with the continuing rise of the internet; paper is slowly becoming less popular.

Careful consideration as to the annual cost, design fees, call to actions, printing and circulation fees as to the overall effectiveness; just makes good business expense.

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Vehicle Wraps in Durham, NC

A vehicle wrap is a 24/7 advertising medium that never sleeps (unless it’s in a garage). Just driving down the main road in Durham, NC exposes your brand to hundreds or thousands of viewers; within just a few miles of driving. Not to mention while the expertly wrapped vehicle is sitting in front of your business, house or doctor’s office; it’s always working!

Effectiveness here is more measured in brand awareness rather that a direct (POS) Point of Sale transaction. This silent seller reinforces other areas of marketing using the sight, sign concept to really help build buyer confidence and trust.

The greatest downside is finding the right design. Something that has a great impact without being too busy; missing the message altogether. As a vehicle wrap can save thousands over print ads by way of it lasting 5 to 7 years; careful consideration needs to paid to the core message.

A Simple Conclusion

When it comes to advertising in Durham, NC; any marketing company in the country will tell you that you need to spend a little on a lot. If you can afford a magazine ad and a vehicle wrap, then you should do both. National statistics identify that a small, local Durham, NC business within the first year of operation; should dedicate 50% of its operational budget towards advertising.

The business can then safely, if effective, decrease that by 5% every year after the 5th year; until the company is either self-sustaining or you are at a 15% margin for advertising.

Local Experience Matters

Small and home-based businesses need a competitive edge with a competitive price in order to help get their message out. Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC and surrounding areas is ready, willing and able to put our experience to work for you. For years we have provided marketing minded graphics that are not only attractive but will help grab the attention of your potential customers as well. To back that up, we provide a wide range of services from banners to business cards and lobby signs to help get your message out even more.

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