Should I invest in the Yellow Pages?

Once upon a time we used devices called telephones, sent documents with something called a fax, listened to music on things called cassettes and looked up businesses in something called a phone book. Big hair and big ads were the name of the game and anybody who was anybody was listed in the Yellow Pages. … Read more

The Importance of Name Branding: Part 2 – The Slogan

As we continue to discuss the proper branding of your business we should have in mind that branding is an art, crafted from multiple factors such as visual recognition, sight/sign association and how easy it is to remember. In the previous article we focused on some best practices for logo creation; this article addresses the … Read more

The Importance of Name Branding: Part 1 – The Logo

The Dictionary’s meaning of branding is: A mark that’s burned in to the skin of the animal (like a cow) to identify the owner. From the marketing perspective within the Durham, NC. area this is just what you need to accomplish; your company name or logo to stick out and become easily noticed and remembered … Read more