Should I utilize social media for my business?

So you went to the big corporate marketing seminar in Las Vegas and heard the motivational speaker tell you in social media was the golden path to success. You rushed home to Durham NC and created a Facebook account and waited for the money to roll in… and waited… and waited… and waited. You know … Read more

The Facts about Advertisement Frequency in Durham

Consider your own buying habits; have you ever immediately bought a product after learning about it? If you are like most people in Durham, NC, probably not. Marketing and phycology research abounds with data that suggest that many products or services require a certain frequency of exposure to build trust or brand recognition. This article … Read more

What is the Psychology of Colors?

Over the last 100 years advertising has developed into its own art form. Advertising artists utilize effective slogans, persuasive statements and color manipulation to create their masterpieces. You only need to look to some of the larger companies seen in the Durham, NC. area to see this art form and practice. One area in advertising … Read more

Utilizing floor graphics for your business

If you want to have a successful business branding is a very important factor, from business cards to billboards if you want to to be a household name you need to put your message out in creative, thought provoking manner. You can save yourself some money as well as help brand your name further by … Read more

What’s the big deal about a website?

There are numerous things that have become industry standards when having a business in the Durham, NC. area over the years: a good business card, a good location, reviews, social media presence… All of these are good but a website is the uniting factor that brings all of these other advertising venues together. In this … Read more

Location: A Key Decision

One of the key decisions for a company to make is selecting the proper location for their business within Durham, NC. Naturally the type of business will help with the decision-making process, but here are a few areas to consider: The type of business in Durham, NC. Commercial (non-retail) If you have a non-retail business … Read more

Seeing the Larger Picture in Your Advertising Materials

One of the benefits of choosing a professional Sign and Graphics Company in Durham, NC. is keeping focus on the larger picture. This means that, while we can, create individual products that are stunning and attention grabbing such as signs, banners, business cards, and more; it is better to step back and consider these products … Read more

Choosing the Right Font

Selecting the best font for your logo, slogan, sign, banner or print media in Durham, a crucial decision; one that many rush through without taking into consideration the impact of their choice. Bull City Signs recognizes that in this mobile minded generation, people are getting around faster and needing to absorb information at a … Read more

The Importance of Name Branding: Part 3 – The Colors

Once you have chosen the right logo/brand you will want to ensure that you have it ready in formats that will work with printing, signs, vehicle graphics, a website, social media, business cards, etc. Your logo needs to be available for all the different types of companies that will need it. To save money the … Read more