Importance of chores

The importance of chores Just about every business owner in the Durham, NC area will tell you that one of the greatest frustrations and challenges that are faced in day-to-day operations; is hiring quality personnel. Trying to find someone that has a specific skill set for this type of business is difficult; being that it … Read more

Providing a Memberable Customer Experience

A successful, completed project for your small business in the Durham, NC area is more than just finishing the task; much more. The process used to completion must be considered. In fact, a successful, completed project actually starts with the first contact that you make with your client, accompanied by the process that you follow … Read more

What’s on the menu?

Trying to make sure that your products and services are competitive is a challenge that every small business owner in the Durham, NC area deals with. Even if you are diligently making sure that your products and services are competitive for your small business, how you convey that information quickly and efficiently to your potential … Read more

Are you asking for the sale? – Part 2

Make sure to read part one – Click Here The business phone for your Durham, NC area business should never be treated like a triage helpline. So often employees work only to resolve the call to free up time for the next caller. It should be rather that the person that is on the phone; … Read more

You won’t get what you don’t ask for – Part 1

You’ve taken the time to sit down with a marketing professional to put together an advertising campaign that really helps set your business apart from your competition. Your vehicles have been wrapped, you have your billboards in place, signage looks fantastic, you have a great looking and functional website, Google AdWords and social media campaigns … Read more

5 Simple Ways A Small Business Can Find and Hire Quality People (Part 1)

Small business owners in the Durham, NC area know how difficult it can be to find and hire quality people. While there are many job search sites such as: Craigslist,,, and; they can often produce under or over qualified applicants. Often for local businesses looking for quality people, old-school or traditional methods … Read more

Your Reputation and Your Review Resources – Part 1

In today’s ever-changing internet market, everyone gets an opportunity to have their say. As a business in the Durham, NC area, accepting this reality will benefit your business in both the short and long-term success of your business. With so many resources available on the Internet for potential customers to both use and abuse is … Read more

Understanding Consumer Trends

An area that is in continual flux is the buying habits and consumer trends that many industry’s experience throughout an extended period of time. Businesses that have been operating for more than 20 years typically have seen a major shift in consumer buying patterns 4-6 times (varying based upon retail or wholesale exposure) that has … Read more

Understanding how a Facebook business page functions

Part of getting better visibility for your business in Durham, NC is the proper utilization of available tools in the social media marketing industry. One of the more confusing is understanding how a Facebook business page functions. Made up of a complicated set of algorithms, this type of marketing must be utilized within the guidelines … Read more