Dealing with Zoning Regulations in Durham NC

Having a sign, banner or yard sign created to help get the message out about your business in the Durham, NC area is a great idea. However, before you spend the money to have a signs, banners and yard signs professionally created by Bull City Signs; you should determine if there are any city ordinances … Read more

5 things ever Durham NC business needs to succeed

At Bull City Signs serving the Durham, NC area; we have been in the business arena long enough to see businesses come and go. Many businesses we were sad to see go because they had a great service at a reasonable price, but lacked the business structure needed to sustain. With that in mind here … Read more

Is Google Banning Home Businesses in Durham NC?

When owning a small business in the Durham NC area, overhead is a large part of a company’s potential growth variables. A recent trend in the Durham NC area is to save money by working from home. This may be because you don’t have a need for a customer to visit you or you might … Read more

The Power of the Millennial Buyer in Durham NC

An important factor in today’s advertising mindset is the need to acknowledge the influence of Millennials in your advertising and how you interact with them in a business transaction. This generation of shoppers has developed their own habits, responses and language that Durham, NC businesses must understand if they are to remain competitive. Whether you … Read more

Making the Most with Vehicle Magnets

One of the common mistakes that we often see here at Bull City Signs in Durham, NC. is when someone creates a vehicle magnet that has their entire life story on it. While one might think putting more words on a single magnet is a good way to save money, but it actually costs you … Read more

Retractable Banners – Close-up and Personal

Retractable banners for your Durham, NC business are a great way to get your message out in a budget friendly way. Whether used in front of your store, at a display table, on the showroom floor or at a tradeshow these versatile retractable banners are perfect to give your business that dynamic representation that sets … Read more

Why Should I Consider Window Graphics?

One of the challenges that business owners in Durham, NC. face is trying to find creative methods to make potential customers aware of where they are and what they do. There are a variety of different options for getting the message out such as websites, newspaper ads, flyers, commercials and more; but you probably already … Read more

Tips for Creating A Great Business Card in Durham, NC.

You’ve heard since you were a child that first impressions are the most important, this statement couldn’t be any truer than in the business community where competition is so high and reputations are on the line. The first impression of your company, business or even hobby should reflect only a sample of what’s ahead; which … Read more