5 Simple Ways A Small Business Can Find and Hire Quality People (Part 2)

Teen working - sign shop in durhan, NCBefore reading this article, you should have already read the first two points of the 5 Great Ways Small Businesses Can Locate and Hire Quality People. This important article features some of the hiring techniques that Bull City Signs, serving Durham, NC and surrounding areas, utilizes when selecting talent for their graphic design and sign installation service.

Let’s look at the next three ways that small businesses can locate and hire quality people in the Durham, NC area.

Offer Current Employees an Incentive for Referrals

People usually hang out with friends of like mind and personality, so if you trust your current employee’s judgment, work ethic and attitude; chances are they associate with other people that might have the same mindset. A bonus or incentive will encourage them to look within their set of friends, family and acquaintances to find people that, will not only keep with your Durham, NC company’s standards; but people they already have an established relationship with.

NOTE: Sometimes people will not refer friends for a job that they do not feel that they can trust (their reputation), with the mindset that; they would be held responsible for the failure of that potential applicant. It is this very reason why a good recommendation from a quality associate can go a long way.

Use an Established Employment Application as a Template

Job application - Signs and graphics in Durham, NCTo make sure that everything is uniform to industry standards you’ll want to use an application template that addresses industry standard questions. Naturally you can customize it to the specific needs of your Durham, NC area business. With that employment template, you can upload an employment application to your website in a downloadable PDF, re-created in a form program for online use or as a paper handout in your office.

Take the time to list some information about the job, any probationary period, salary window and qualifications. This additional information will help weed out those that will deem themselves unqualified or overqualified based upon your description.

Note: Many state and local governments have guidelines in place to the amount of information that previous employers are allowed to provide about a previous employee; so don’t get frustrated if you don’t getting the answers you’re looking for. In some states, they only allow employers to reveal that the candidate worked there and how long; but, are restricted to telling you about their job performance.

There is one question, in these cases, that you are allowed to ask: “Would you hire that person back?” Sometimes, the answer to this question will tell you know exactly what you need to know.

Get a Background Check Done

background check - electric signs in durham, NCIf you feel that you found a qualified employee that you might want to hire, take time to get a background check done before you make a formal offer! (Discovery of the information causing you to resend your offer could be viewed as discriminatory, so advanced discovery is important) Many government agencies in and around the Durham, NC area can provide free or low cost criminal background checks. 

Usually the free report simply identifies whether the person has a criminal record, but will not be specific as to the crime or severity; for that detailed of information a paid service may be required.

Note: Take a few minutes and google there name online. You’d be amazed how the open records act will allow websites to list criminal records online. A simple search of the name and the town’s listed from the application may reveal important information to help you with your decision.

It may also be noteworthy to ask for their Facebook, twitter and YouTube names as well, especially for those applicants that may be applying for positions where they’re going to work with the public. Viewing this public information will give you a look into their personality, activities and opinions that may support or sway your decision about a formal proposal.

Local Experience Does Matter

Small and home-based businesses need a competitive edge with a competitive price in order to help get their message out. Bull City Signs serving Durham, NC. and surrounding areas is ready, willing and able to put our experience to work for you. For years we have provided marketing minded graphics that are not only attractive but will help grab the attention of your potential customers as well. To back that up, we provide a wide range of services from banners and business cards to vehicle wraps and lobby signs to help get your message out even more.

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