5 Sign Products Business Owners Forget To Print… But Should Have

Signs - Electric and Neon Signs in Durham NCWhen business owners in the Durham, NC. area are setting up their store, showroom or general business location there are some standard things you will need such as: desks, chairs, phones and pens; however those will help you get your message out.

When you’re thinking about signage, there are several different ways to let the Durham, NC. community know where you are and what you do such as: outdoor signs and banners; but don’t forget about these following five sign products that business owners often forget to have printed, but should have.

Attention Grabbing Signs for Foot Traffic

If your business in Durham, NC. is situated in a stripmall, indoor mall, vendor market or plaza that has foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure that you have street-level signage available for them to see. With many of these types of storefront businesses, the main sign goes on the overhang which is only visible from the parking lot, so having additional street-level signage is important.

Sandwich boards are a great way to affordably get your message out and be flexible as well. Bull City Signs can offer many types of sandwich boards will provide you with the flexibility of switching out the messages on a daily or weekly basis. Be sure also to consider utilizing the windows of your business as well as a great use of getting information out about the products and services that you offer.

Sales Signs

Having signs within your business that have aggressive call to action messages can help the bottom line of any business in the Durham, NC area. Reusable posters and signs that provide quick and easy to read information about sales, clearance items and special discounts will put your shopper on the lookout for saving some money; which will increase their time inside your store and increase your TPPS (total price per sale).

You should also train your employees to point out sales specials to the customer to bring them aware and put them in a shopping mode. The technique commonly used in POS (point-of-sale) marketing is a nonaggressive way of suggesting related products to what they are already shopping for. SOMIPT or SOMIPRO (sell one more item per ticket or repair order) is a handy way to increase the bottom line, especially when the customer feels that you pointed out a sale and save them money.

This type of motivational signage, combined with employee training, can provide a level of loyalty that will keep your customer coming back for years to come.

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Information Signs

Depending on the size of your business in Durham, NC. you should consider placing informational signs throughout your business. Sign such as cashier, bathrooms, changing rooms, aisle numbers, service, parts or lounge will not only make it easier for customers to navigate through larger stores and businesses, but will reduce the frustration level of your customer providing a more relaxed environment.

Note: Having good informational and directional signage will also cut down on the wasted time your employees will spend giving directions to the bathroom.

ADA Signs

Small businesses in Durham, NC. can often forget the need for their businesses to comply with the ADA laws (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990). This act goes beyond making sure that the doors are wide enough to fit a wheelchair and that the isles are easy to navigate for those with disabilities; but extends into the requirement to have proper signage for those that are visually impaired, as well as, signs are positioned at proper levels.

Be sure to investigate these requirements, not only comply with local laws and regulations, but to make the shopping experience for those with disabilities a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

Informational Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are an easy way to combine many of the items listed above: outdoor signage, informational signage, motivational and sales signage… and put them in an easy, attention grabbing package. Especially when a lot of your shoppers today are starring at their smart phone (looking down towards the floor); having information and attention grabbing graphics on the floor is just a great use of that square footage. Think about signs on the floor giving directions to the bathroom or a large graphic with arrows saying “sales this way!” Floor graphics are a fantastic way to take the foot traffic around and in your business and direct them right to the cash register.

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